Sub Rules and Clarifications – PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

We want to welcome all to the ecommerce sub. In the interest in trying to keep the sub as free of spam / promotional posts as possible, the community has adopted the following rules and posting guidelines. If you have any issues or questions please click HERE to message the moderators directly.


In an effort to fight rampant spam that is typical for such a sub, the mods have enacted automated removal of posts with certain criteria. Currently, the sub requires an account age of 48 hours and a minimal karma score of 10. You are still free (and encouraged) to post if you are new and do not fall within these rules, but you will need to first make your post or comment then message the mods for approval if you see that it is not showing up.


What You Cannot Do

  • Post a link to a service / blog / video / or website. If you are posting your ecommerce website asking for a site review or need to link to a specific example of a site aspect or issue, this is allowed and encouraged. If you are commenting and a link would provide a direct answer or help then you are free to provide the link.

  • Do not solicit others via DM requests or in any other way within the sub. We want to keep all discussion in the sub so that everyone may benefit without the appearance of solicitation / promotion.

  • Offer your ecommerce site for sale or partnership.

  • Resell or even give away ecommerce courses.

  • Post an unsolicited AMA (ask me anything) without first consulting the mods with appropriate proof that you are who / what you claim to be.

  • Do not repost from other subs in an effort to subvert the rules.

What You Can Do

  • Post your site for review or feedback (linking to your site is allowed in this situation).

  • Put a link in your post that shows a specific example of your question or issue.

  • Post a poll if it is for education or research purposes and not affiliated with a company or service.

  • Be polite and helpful at all times. All of us started somewhere and there are no stupid questions.

Not Against The Rules, But Likely Won't Get Much Response

  • Any type of "Top 5 Ways You Can – blah – blah – blah" list that is an obvious blog repost.

  • Any type of "How I Turned My Startup From $0 to $100,000". These are posted almost daily and generate little meaningful discussion.

  • Asking what products you should sell.

  • Asking another user how much money they / their site makes or what they sell. If they want to tell you, then they can volunteer that information.

  • Low efforts posts that are too generalized and not addressing a specific question or issue, such as "How Do I Get Sales?", then just leaving it at that.

These rules are strictly enforced by mods in an effort to keep the sub as spam free as possible. We welcome all experience levels and encourage your questions and answers. This is not the place to promote yourself, your company, or your service, but it is the place to get help from others on how to help make your store successful.

EDIT – Always let mods know how we can make the sub better or tweak / improve the sub rules.

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