News Cart for April 24th

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This week I chat with Jake Cohen from Klaviyo about fascinating trends he's seeing around email marketing as well as cover headlines from the world of eCommerce and business.  Enjoy!

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In the News

Shopify Reports Surging Volume for Stores via Twitter

  • Reporting sustained volume near Black Friday/Cyber Monday levels
  • Stock has gone from $340 to $600+ in a matter of weeks

Many Merchants Report Biggest Day EVER as Stimulus Checks Hit Accounts

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  • April 15th, 16th represented the best day EVER for a number of merchants in our Community

Amazon Slashes Commission Rates for Affiliates 

  • Some cuts are very deep, like from 8% to 3% in the furniture category
  • Rate cuts went into effect April 21st

Amazon Reportedly Leveraging Seller Data to Launch Competing Products (Hat Tip to Mike Ketcham)

  • “We knew we shouldn’t….but…we are making Amazon branded products, and we want them to sell.”

Google Makes Their Shopping Ads Free

  • The Google Shopping tab results “will consist primarily of free product listings”
  • Likely still need to pay for ads to get premier placement in Shopping

U.S. House Passes $484 Billion Coronavirus Bill, Ready for Trump's Signature

  • Fresh batch of $310 billion in funding for the PPP program that had run dry
  • Also includes $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for COVID-19 testing

Employers are Fighting with Unemployment

  • Some employees are asking to be laid off as UI benefits are more lucrative than wages
  • New UI benefits add an additional $600 per week to previous benefit levels

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