Introducing Hearing Scheduler – A Seamless Way for Public Planners to Schedule Hearings

Urban Planners manage multiple responsibilities. They review planning applications and meet with the public to provide them information regarding zoning ordinances and the preparation of planning reports. What they do daily varies from planner to planner but their main motivation is their sheer passion for making their community a better place.

Cities and counties in the United States host public hearings in which the residents of a neighborhood are informed of any new residential or commercial development in their city. This forum allows residents to voice their concerns, if any. Planners schedule these hearings to achieve their overarching goal to serve community needs. Making sure they do this seamlessly became our goal.

Using Oracle Public Sector Hearing Scheduler, planners can view the hearings scheduled for planning applications quickly. Each application is displayed as a card. Applications that need to be scheduled are listed in the left pane. Planners can easily drag and drop an application card to the date slot of their choice.

From our research, we discovered that hearings are not scheduled on all days. Hence the scheduler displays only the days when the hearings are conducted as configured by the city/state agency.

Applications can be rescheduled as well using drag and drop. More details of the application can be viewed by expanding the card. Related actions are also available for planners to take quick action for the application.

Aside from Hearing Scheduler, Public Sector Community Development also supports the management of additional hearing activities such as Hearing Decision Updates and Appeal.

Interested to know more about the Planning and Zoning solution? Click through here to watch this Quick Tour.




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