Listening to Change in CX – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.

Oracle CX Social Content:

  • Here’s what experts say are 3 of the most important elements that will provide insights for driving positive #CX:
  • Augmenting the #Service Center with Conversational. How to leverage #chatbots and other conversational interfaces to drive dialogue and value: #CX #webinar
  • Check out how @trinelarsen found her passion in support using Oracle #B2C Service: #custserv #OSvC
  • If you’ re looking to further automate your business processes & reduce manual work and errors, you are really going to like the Enhanced Business Rules feature: #custserv #CX #B2B by @ppaulsam
  • Here are five areas where companies should focus to ensure they’re ready for the next emergency so they can continue delivering outstanding #customerservice: #CX


Industry News:

How Artificial Intelligence Can Lighten The Load For Customer Service Representatives – Forbes, 6.2.20

  • The simple truth is that an AI colleague is, in many ways, better equipped to be a customer service agent, and that is a good thing for people.

Listening to change: Customer experience execs share insights on navigating COVID-19 – Marketingdive, 6.3.20

  • Setting up your organization with the capabilities and tools needed to harness the data that serves as the voice of customers in this digital age, is vital.

Why Customer Experience Pays Dividends In Times Of Crisis – Forbes, 6.3.20

  • Great customer service is a no-brainer. Every company should put their customers first.

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