Responsive Selling Takes You From Sales to Sales Legend

As buyers, we’re always dropping breadcrumbs about what we want to buy or not buy – signals about our preferences for when and how we want to spend money. Good sellers – whether direct sales, inside sales or online sellers – know how to interpret our scattered signals and make sense of them all. Buyers and sellers need to be on the same page in a whole new way so that buyers are better understood and sellers know exactly where to focus their energy.

When a business creates a system focused on helping its sellers master these kinds of purchasing signals, everyone wins. That’s the approach Oracle calls "Responsive Selling" – providing the right value in the right moment in the right channel to every buyer.

But, as most sellers can attest, those signals have gone a bit haywire over the past 2-3 months...

Personally, I’ve been inside my home for about 3 months now, with two elementary school aged children to guide through “virtual learning” every day. I’m sure the signals I’m dropping via my online activity paint a pretty colorful, albeit inaccurate picture of who I am as a consumer. I mean, I wish I were a back-yard-composting, sourdough bread-baking, Fiji-vacationing, Ferrari-buying, shipping-logistics expert. But alas, I am just an overloaded mom searching for a distraction from math I don’t understand. 

Well, for businesses that have mastered Responsive Selling, these signals are part of a much bigger picture from which sellers can easily separate real opportunities from noise. A business driven by Responsive Selling knows me. It knows who I am, what I’ve bought before, what I’m likely to buy next, and when I’m most likely to want to talk about buying it. That business uses signals, data, and machine learning to respond with real-time insights and guidance for me and only me.

There’s only one way to be a responsive seller. Now is the time to focus on a new alliance between sellers and machines. This is how sales legends are created.

And just what is a sales legend? It can mean something different in every industry, at every company, and even in every sales team. But, there are some common threads that when sewn together, make sales legends the revenue backbone of every successful organization.

  1. They are experts at interpreting and expertly responding to buying signals.
  2.  They’re driven by leadership that puts them on exactly the right path to success.
  3. They treat their CRM like a resource, not as a nuisance.
  4. They see the big picture among marketing, sales and service.
  5. They keep the tools and intelligence they need at their fingertips, so they can move deals forward at exactly the right moment.
  6. They value their alliance with technology and use it to its full potential

What does being a sales legend mean to your brand? Here’s what some of our sellers here at Oracle had to say about what makes a sales legend:

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