Migrating 5000 unique item to ecommerce to help the sweetest elderly man and his family stay in business

Hey all, I just agreed to help our favorite local shopkeeper set up an ecommerce site and could use some help.

He and his family have been hit hard by the covid crisis. He is a first generation immigrant from Nepal and has run an oriental-themed store, selling jewelry, handcrafts, incense, clothing etc. for >10 years at this single location. But without any foot traffic, an unsympathetic landlord, and an uncertain future, he has had to close up shop by the end of this month. Tuesday.

I have a respectable amount of experience with and understanding of websites, but am somewhat new to the unique challenges of ecommerce.

I have set up a shopify store for him, but the biggest problem I think we will face is all the fucking different kinds of items he has lol. Imagine 1 thousand different kinds of rings, each with a unique shape and gemstone, of many different sizes… and he doesn't have any barcodes on anything.

I've done a lot of research about inventory management systems, but it's all kind of overwhelming, considering the scope of the problem. We really want to help this guy because he is an amazing soul and part of the community, but he's not very tech literate at all. He says he can outsource all the menial work of taking pictures and making SKUs and product descriptions, but I guess my main question is…

Can Shopify handle this natively? Is there any other system we will need?

TL;DR Sweet elderly Nepalese man needs help migrating his 5000 unique items online to avoid going out of business, can Shopify handle this all natively? Is Shopify even the best choice? Is there a better platform for this situation? Thank you so much!!

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