Site Review – Ecommerce Shop (Sustainable Lifestyle, Plastic free, accessorries, etc.)

Dear Community

My partner and I just launched our new online store last saturday. It is designed with a Shopify Theme (Minimal).

The store contains a variety of products from bags, baskets to food wraps and cups – all things sustainable for an eco aware audience in Switzerland and Europe. We would like to excite our customers and potential customers with joyful and colourful products that make them happy. All while they know they get the best quality and the products are made under fair conditions for the planet and the people involved.

The page has got a linked FB, Pinterest and Insta page and we plan to run some google and FB ads to generate initial traffic.

Before we jump into deep analysis, we want to ask YOU! What do you think of it and most important of all: What would you do different and why / Where could we do better? We would love to hear your opinions.


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