All Sub Members – Please Contribute – Possible Sub Changes!

In response to a post from a couple weeks ago, some regular members of the community here spoke about possible changes to the sub. I would like to gather some feedback / ideas to put before the mods for possible rule changes that affect the overall sub experience. Here are some of the ideas put forth –

  • Focus the sub more toward experienced shop owners

  • Prohibit generalized dropship posts (review my dropship site, how to dropship, etc)

  • Make the sub private and allow only verified shop owners to have membership

  • Do not allow 'review my site' posts

  • Disband the sub entirely (someone actually recommended this)

  • Require a minimum annual sales amount on your site for membership

  • Require a vetted membership in some other way

  • Increase our minimum threshold for posting. Currently it is 10 karma and 48 hr account age.

I think you get the idea here. It seems that the veteran members and the ones who regularly contribute would like to see it geared less toward beginners. There are many other subs that that are available for such users (r/shopify, r/dropship, r/seo) etc). We have become something of a 'catch-all' for newcomers. Also, I would argue that a lot of our members may be 'hit-and-run' – start a dropship site, ask a few questions, quit their site, never be heard from again. This would weed that out.

The mods serve the community, and I am looking for ideas to bring to the other mods and myself so that we can make this sub more productive to our base users. Please leave any feedback, ideas, or criticisms that will help us streamline the sub for you. How can we make it better?

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