Basic CRM Platform Advice Request

Hi guys, looking for some advice/recommendations on a basic CRM platform. For context, my brother is a graphic designer who usually sells his work through third party sites and gets commission on sales. He’s got a well established brand, and I’m working with him to setup a print shop so that he can sell direct to consumer in certain countries. We’ve got the site built on Shopify, and we’re in the process of setting up the integration with our printing partner. We both have a decent amount of digital marketing experience, but the missing link is the customer service side.

What I’m looking for is a basic CRM system, that will allow us to build customer service email templates, and easily reply to common questions (where’s my order, can I update my address, return request etc.) with these templates. We most likely won’t use it for marketing, just for dealing with customer queries. Everything I find seems to be either Marketing focused, or does too much! In the first instance, we just want to easily manage and send emails. The email addresses we’ll be using are hosted on G-Suite if that’s relevant.

Any advice would be appreciated – thanks for you time!

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