Help us figure out what to tweak to increase conversion

We launched about 3 month ago with some test product to test the market. We have a professional managing our marketing and do our social media in house. So far we have great results from our marketing on everything but our actual conversions to purchase.

Our thoughts on why we have failed on conversion are:

  1. Price is too high – this seems like the obvious answer but there are comparable competitors that manage to sell at higher and equivalent prices

  2. Shipping costs are separate – I know, I know… we should just build it into the price

  3. Poor Branding – We are amateurs in all thing’s ecommerce and especially branding

  4. Need more products – We are only selling one product at the moment. We are planning to create a $99 bag and possibly just sell our trauma kit separately.

Here are some notes and stats from our marketing manager:

Lead Magnet:

· Facebook ads are still performing really well. They have a lot of engagement and shares (free exposure).

· Budget is $18/day. We spent $126 this past week and $1,028 since the start of the campaign on 5/14).

· Stats this week are

o CTR is 5.45% which is about the same as last week and our goal is >1%.

o Landing page conversion is 46%. This shows people are finding this really valuable. (Goal 20%. Industry average 15-17%)

o Average cost per lead was $.64.


  • Now at 1,365 new contacts since the start of the campaign (5/21).
  • The average open rate across all the checklist emails is 26%.
  • The value emails started going out and have an open rate of 18% which is around industry average. I hope to see that go up as we get regulars into the automation and there isn’t such a lag in them receiving an email from us.
  • We have 3 weeks left of value ads before we run out.

Bag Campaign – Facebook Ads

  • We launched on 5/21 and are running with a budget of $30/day. We have spent $1,061 to date.
  • CTR is 2.23% and our goal is >1%. This shows people are interested in the ad.
  • Cost per click is at $1.94.
  • Engagement continues to be good on this ad as well with a good amount of shares.
  • Overall we are trying to determine why people aren’t purchasing the bag at a greater rate since there is so much interest in the product and topic. Some reasons could be:
    • Landing page not optimized
    • Price (bag price and shipping)
  • We tested two sales pages to see if that would increase sales and then let us know that the landing page was the issue.
  • After adding 2 sales page and 2 order form page to test on ClickFunnels. We are seeing a 3.6% add to cart rate (Shopify avg is 2.5%), but there were no sales in the last week and a half.

In conclusion, I believe we have found a good market but not the right product/configuration. I am hoping this forum might be able to point out some flaws in our approach that we may not be aware of or confirm that our thoughts above are correct.

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