Looking for a basic channel management software

Hi all

I have been tasked with taking ownership of our e-commerce channel (sales have declined massively in the last two years and this is the last real push at it).

Currently we sell on M1.9, EBay and Amazon (FBA).

We are part of a larger business so we are required to use their ERP which is dreadful for commerce, it integrates (poorly) into Magento and that’s it.

I am trying to find basic software that would help with our listing management. I’ve come across the likes of Channel Adviser but there just seems to be a whole load of features we wouldn’t need at the moment. Our inventory and buying is all done through our ERP st present.

Could anybody recommend anything that I could look into?

Additionally I’d be really interested into what software other e-commerce businesses are using. We had virtually nothing but I have begun exploring software such as Helium 19 and Zak Analytics.

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