Product sourcing from another online stores

Hey guys, I want to build a service for sellers to source produtcs from other online stores.

How it works:

  1. You choose any online stores that you like to source products from and can show these products on your store with your markup. Product prices on these stores will be continuously monitored, so you can adjust your markup and never sell with negative profit.
  2. When customer orders a product from you, it will be automatically ordered from the shop you sourced from.
  3. Product will be shipped to local fulfilment center first. All paperwork like invoices and promo materials will be pulled off. Then product will be repacked into unbranded box and shipped to requested address.

Cool things are:

  • You can source high quality products from any store (not a garbage from Ali Express with infinitely long delivery)
  • No need to negotiate with supplier
  • Source store will never have information of your customers

What do you think about this model? Does it make sense, or source retail price + your markup will make impossible to find customers?

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