How to charge customers for late fees?

Hi! I have a dress rental on shopify- the website is ready to go but there is one problem in the way, which is how to charge customers (in the rare occurrence) they return the dress damaged, how to charge late fees or how to charge retail price in case they don't return the item altogether. I have heard that Shopify is not the best place to do rentals but i do know of Shopify websites that are renting dresses already and are charging customers if needed after the fact- however, I myself can't seem to find their solution. How can I save customers credit card info in the case i need to charge them for such fees? I'm fine with third party integrations since Shopify itself does not offer saving cc as an option.

I have heard using third party payment gateways eg would help but I am completely confused how- eg once I integrate them, where and how will I charge customers for late fees?

And nope, I have thought about it and don't want to charge a deposit upfront. I'd really appreciate any advice or solution to this since I've searching for one since months and I'm 100% sure it's possible since other Shopify stores are doing so

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