Good alternative to PayPal for taking and refunding deposits online?

Hi all,

I'm looking for some help please.

I run a small business providing equipment rental.

Historically, to make a booking the client would go to a page on my website (WordPress based so I can administer it myself – I'm not a huge techie) and use their credit or debit card to make a refundable security deposit via a PayPal embedded button linked to my PayPal business account.

The amount they would pay is usually around €1,000 which can be paid sometimes up to 3 months prior to the day the equipment rental takes place, and this amount just sits in my PayPal account.

The actual rental fee would normally be paid in cash on the day, and then I'd issue a PayPal refund for the security deposit within a day or two after the rental period had finished, assuming all the equipment came back in one piece.

However, since PayPal have changed their policy on refunds, they now keep their fee rather than refunding it which amounts to around a €30 loss to me for every booking. It's not a total nightmare but I'd rather not bleed that amount every time I take a deposit.

What I do like about the PayPal offering is the ease with which I can generate "Pay Now" buttons and insert the code for them into my WordPress site, so I'm ideally looking for similar functionality from a supplier who won't keep the fee when a refund is issued.

I'd be most grateful for any suggestions!

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