Is a success e-commerce business possible and within reach for me?

This sub is really inspiring to look through, even the “smaller” sites making 4000/m amazes me ! My question is- is it possible for anyone to start e-commerce ? Does it take a lot of money to start up and then what are the running costs. I’m 18 and could probably invest up to £1500 if I stumble upon a good idea. Will this be enough money to get a store up and running ? And would it be enough for a suitable amount of ads ? I’m very new to this as I’ve been using pretty much all my time to read up on more longer term investing in index funds and stocks. I learnt quickly that if I was going to be even slightly successful I would need my own business and have to generate a decent amount of money ( a decent amount to me would be anything over £4000 a month) I think if I put all my time into learning e-commerce as I’ve done with investing I could become pretty well set to start a business. The only problem is REAL information and tips are hard to find I hope someone can direct me to some good beginners information- sorry for rambling a bit.

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