First time seller here – how do I go about testing multiple creatives for FB Ads?

I started advertising my store a few days ago (I already have a sale! So excited!) but I have some concerns about my FB video ad creative.

I'm running 6 ad sets, one interest each, $5 each, with one video ad. However, my CTR on these is fairly low (1.36% average) and my average video play time is 3 seconds.

My hypothesis is that this is due to the length of my ad (almost 60 seconds), and the first few seconds not being very engaging.

I've revamped my ad to be ~25 seconds, and made the first few seconds more interesting.

However, my ads have only been running for a day and a half (900 impressions). Is it too soon to add another ad creative (and thereby double my daily ad spend)?

Do you have advice on replacing my current ad vs. adding in the second ad vs. just waiting a few more days for more data? Are the stats I'm seeing on this just average and I shouldn't be concerned?

Thanks in advance!

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