High Volume Shippers – L4 Best Software to Track My Shipments

Hey everyone – after a few months of work my family's store is now doing 500 shipments per day. We've moved from Shippo to ShipStation, so far we're happy with Shipstation even though it is a bit glitchy and slow.

I'm having a tough time tracking all of our shipments and understanding where they are in the field. I'm looking for something like Aftership, however, I can't justify spending more for Aftership ($599 per month) than Shipstation ($159 per month). I just cannot do it when the functionality doesn't compare.

Is there any shipping software (or AfterShip) alternative that has the functionality of Aftership embedded within it? I need something because it will help me keep track of our shipments at a 30k foot level and pre-empt any customer issues.

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