How AI is Changing Customer Experience – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.


Industry News:

Augmented Reality Brings the Customer Experience Home  – Cmswire, 6.30.20

  • People are beginning to accept and adapt to the idea of shopping through augmented realities and companies need to come up with innovative ideas that can catch the attention of our customers.

12 Essential Tips for Businesses to Improve Their Customer Experience  – Forbes, 6.29.20

  • Customer experience has become such a significant factor in business interactions that avoiding it leads to lower customer retention. 

Customer Experience Management – COVID Demands it’s Time to Change the Narrative – Customerthink, 7.1.20

  • It is time to align closely with the commercial imperatives of the times we now find ourselves in. Cost and revenue are what matter during times of crisis.

How AI is Changing Customer Experience – Internationalbanker, 7.2.20

  • AI is proving itself to be useful in a variety of ways in back-, middle- and front-office applications.


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