Paypal is the scum of the earth. Discuss.

So, in developing an e-commerce site, I've had a lot of experiences with PayPal at this point. I've come to find the following:

-Their UX and UI for their business and developer interfaces are beyond trash. I couldn't have made a worse UX or UI if I spent three entire lifetimes trying to do so.

-Their integrations are clunky and have hitches throughout. It's truly a gamble to try hope for an eventless integration.

-Their support is absolute trash and probably sets the lowest bar. It's a bunch of foreign chat-center reps who comprehend English at the level of a 5 year old or so, have absolutely zero knowledge about how PayPal works whatsoever, disconnect on you if you don't respond back in under 60 seconds, disconnect on you because they can't figure out how to solve (or even comprehend) your basic problem, and reconnect you with a completely new inept rep after another 10 minute wait.

-zero phone support

-Their payment options and currency options are incredibly limited and pathetic compared to other modern payment processors like Stripe.

-They side with the customer approximately 99.992% of the time in disputes, even with absolute indisputable proof that the customer is scamming the seller.

-They update their layout and make it more convoluted like every month. It seems like every time I login something has changed.

-I'm pretty sure 100% of their support docs are outdated and usually useless.

-Many of the functions on their site are broken and give error messages.

I really really wish there weren't customers out there who will insist upon using it. I'm seriously considering just dropping Paypal and losing that customer base so I don't have to support PayPal or deal with the repeated headaches.

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