What is a “Winning Product” and how do I find it?

So throughout my time doing e-commerce I’ve introduced many people to the scene and it’s a common question that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has asked. They try to make a cookie cutter store with a “trendy” product and expect it to sell like hot cakes. Some times you’ll strike gold, but other times you’ll strike bankruptcy.

Here’s my steps to finding a winning product on a budget!

1) Survey the quality of product and size of the audience who will buy it.

2) Once finding 4-5 products, split test! (Audience, image, text, delivery, etc.)

3) Take the 2 best performing products and split test further.

4) Design/Theme your store around your winning product and up sell the 2nd and 3rd place products if they compliment your winning product.


1 a.) Quality of the product should be number 1! – Did this product hold up to shipping? – Is this product safe for my intended audience? – Is this product on par with competitors products?

1 b.) Audience Size – The larger the audience, the more you’ll need to spend on order to narrow that audience for a higher conversion rate – Facebook’s “Audience Insights” tells you the potential reach of different audiences (USE IT)

2) Split testing – testing different aspects of an ad 1 by 1 to find out what works and what doesn’t -Split testing never stops, the changes just become less drastic – Split testing generally doesn’t generate as much revenue but loads more data

3) Refined Split Testing – Push a larger budget to find out what product will perform better on a larger scale (after all scaling is where money is likely to be made) – YOURE INVESTING THE MONEY – data is not free. Let Facebook guide you, you can’t guide it

4) Redesign – Multi-Product stores don’t thrive in the e-commerce industry without fame – Focus on how to sell this 1 item better and better and the up-sells with happen naturally – Build this environment to make your PURCHASING audience comfortable

Let me know if this helps!

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