Decent Web/Android/iOS multi vendor delivery service script recommendations?

KISS, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ and and the subject points out what I’m after pretty much.

Looking to do what a local town has done over the last couple of years (very successfully) and undercut Just-Eat (UK) and the other big name takeaway companies like Deliveroo etc and focus on a town/locality rather than nationwide. I would be looking to approach the town/towns food places that they are not aiming at.

Not looking to approach none current takeaway restaurants as yet as I would have to provide a driver so looking to target takeaways that deliver already before looking into restaurants and commit to employing drivers.

If it does get to that stage (hiring drivers) then I would be looking to focus on other places in the town such as; alcohol delivery, basic shopping, vape stores etc.

Features required:

  • User ordering dashboard
  • Takeaway/vendor dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Stripe/PayPal payment inc Apple Pay etc
  • Social media login (not mandatory)
  • Order tracking via app and/or text message (not mandatory)

Many thanks all.

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