How to secure/trust a 3pl

So I ship consumer electronics that often are not cheap (as small as airpods to as big as gaming laptops/desktops) and I currently do a decent amount of sales however up until this point it has not fully made sense for me to get my own warehouse space due to the extra cost (a 3pl just costs me a per box fee to received and send out) however now I need to sort through all the goods and I have been doing it myself and sending it out again (paying more in trucking fees of course and too much opening boxes etc on my end). So in the past the 3pl sent me a scan of the tracking when it went into their warehouse, and then another when it left their warehouse so as long as that matched on my end and the inventory count matched I was not missing any items. Now I started having thousands of items come in various shipments and certain vendors make it very difficult to reconcile and I have come to the point where I either need to go ahead and rent my own warehouse (with a warehouse manager and probably a minimum 3 year commitment) or I can use the 3pl which charges a small fee per box which long term will definitely be cheaper and simpler for me, however I need a way to ensure that the workers at the 3pl aren't walking off with my goods. I trust the warehouse manager over there 100% but even he admitted to me that once boxes start getting opened, he definitely has less control over the product. Does anyone have a situation similar to this? Any ideas what can be done to mitigate losses?


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