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Hi everyone – I'm actively evaluating shipping software and would love to hear from folks who have tried the different programs out there – there's so many!

A few that come to mind:

(and many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting)

Started with Shippo and loved it. Super easy to use / understand and very quick. Once we started doing more than 100 shipments per day we moved to Shipstation. Shipstation is def feature packed but its not as intuitive and has a learning curve. Shipstation can also be super glitchy and slow at times. Still learning, but overall we're happy with it. Open to trying other alternatives if folks have any suggestions.

We are currently doing 200 to 500 shipments per day depending on the day. The biggest missing piece right now is the lack of a tool like Aftership which helps you track your shipments in the field. We have lots of customers who have shipping issues given our volume and a tool like Aftership is sorely needed – it's just too expensive at our current volume to justify (our average ticket size is only $14).

If anyone has any suggestions please add! thank you

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