Launching on Kickstarter and ranking on Amazon! How do I solve this puzzle?!

Hey all,

This one has been really puzzling me for a while, I am planning on launching my product on Kickstarter, initially the idea was to simply use Kickstarter as a platform to secure pre launch sales with a Facebook group audience, that had been engaging and building trust with the brand.

The plan was a bit crafty and I was going to be totally honest with the facebook group and explain to them that when they pledge on the kickstarter they will also be required to pay full price for the product on Amazon on launch day and then immediately get a full refund for the Amazon payment, This way:

  1. the pre launch sales are locked in
  2. the product gets the ranking from the sales (that I have put tons of work into through the Facebook group members that get directed to the kickstarter)

However I have since realised that Kickstarter gets an absolute ton of traffic in its own right and it would be a huge waste not to market to that traffic as well, however this DOES NOT fit with the original plan, as although the 'pay on amazon then get refunded' would work with the Facebook group (they are rooting for the brand, and have built up trust and engagement for 3 months), it would look totally unprofessional with a cold Kickstarter audience. So buying on Amazon on launch day then getting refunded is now out the window.

This leaves a blank in the plan, I'm determined to have a big big launch on Kickstarter (fuelled by Facebook group members and Kickstarter traffic alike), but also must have Amazon ranking one way or another. So here are my questions:

Can the Kickstarter rank the Amazon listing?
I understand MCF from Amazon will not rank, but is there another way?

Is there a way to rank on Amazon independently of Kickstarter?
I don't want to give a load of free products away when I have just made all the people on the Kickstarter pay. But is there another way of doing things?

Do I just take the non Amazon ranking on the chin and hope that the off-platform brand awareness will drive sales and replace the on-platform ranking?

Is this less of a problem than I think it is?

Loads of Amazon products start on Kickstarter, it just seems like a real waste to not get any ranking for it, after all that is at the core of getting a product on Amazon. I know some brands do a Kickstarter when they restock an existing product but this does not tie in with the idea of generating pre launch sales from the Facebook group using Kickstarter.

Any help with this would be super super appreciated! I may even send a thank you gift if it can all be put together.


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