Recommended eCommerce platform for 20+ similar sites?

I'm looking at spinning up 20 or so similar sites for an apparel holding company (owns several brands). A typical site may have 100-200 products, and several thousand SKUs due to variations in size, color, etc.

I'm leaning towards finding an eCommerce platform with a robust API, and taking the time upfront to create some scripts/software that would utilize the platform's API to get each of 20 clothing sites 80% or so of the way to completeness.

My eCommerce team currently handles 8 Shopify sites, so we know that tool fairly well. It's been "good enough," with the exception of its additional transaction fees (we use Stripe) and its lack of subscription support (we've had to rely heavily on a Bold Commerce subscription product for one of our sites, which has been a pain point).

In Summary

I'm looking for recommendations for eCommerce platforms/tools that would allow me to easily spin up and manage 20+ similar sites, through an API or other means. My initial considerations are:

– Robust API

– Ability to find/hire talent

– Cost (including additional transaction fees and the like)

– User-friendly admin section (for marketing and content folk)

Thank you

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