Aim for a niche product line or go broad in motorcycle e-commerce, after owning a physical location

On the weekends I help run a small motorcycle repair shop, that's taken a little bit of a hit since COVID. Fortunately it hasn't been anything dramatic, but it's enough of a drive to finally start trying to do something with e-commerce.

For some background, I've been a web developer professionally for close to a decade, with plenty of experience in the e-commerce field. Unfortunately, not so much on the marketing side of things (but I'm learning).

We have a range of trusted suppliers for a variety of products, that are willing to do whitelisted drop shipping to clients in the US. I figure this would be a perfect way to get a store up and running and experiment with it while using as little startup capital as possible. The biggest hurdle though, is product focus.

Let's say that as it stands, we have 5 different products that are our best sellers in-store. They're from completely different categories (think handlebars, helmets, tire accessories, engine maintenance, and exhaust kits). I'm torn with the following thoughts:

  1. We create a shop catering to products within all of those categories, as an online extension to the main website, but trying to rank it and drive traffic might get expensive, since we're going against huge players in the field that have way more variety.
  2. We create a shop dedicated to one of those categories, brand it as it's own unique entity, and create targeted speciality ads and posts driving traffic just for that item to our shop. We'd get less traffic overall, but it may be more impactful per dollar.

Have any of you experience something similar in your field? At first glance, would you have any suggestions or insights into things I could do to narrow down or decide which one of those scenarios would work best?

Thanks in advance!

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