Need help with automating online payment system to several parties

Hi there, first time poster so I apologize if this question belongs in a different subreddit. If it does belong elsewhere, please direct me and ill re-post there.

Myself (American citizen) and my business partner (Belgian citizen) will be creating an online educational course. We also have "guest authors" who will contribute to our course content. We plan to pay these guest authors a % of all revenue sales.

Ideally we have a third party platform where someone purchases the course and this third party app automatically distributes the revenue percentages to all parties involved. For example: If someone purchases the course, 30% would get sent to me, 30% to my partner, and 40% to all guest authors (in 10% increments) all automatically. Please note that there will be several international payments going out. Also, no need to really discuss tax issues here as I'll leave that up to my CPA.

Does this exist? If this is super simple and exists through paypal or something alike, I sincerely apologize for wasting all of your time. Please be specific when recommending a third party app/platform. Thank you in advance!

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