Setting up cross-platform WooCommerce store

Hi everyone. I would like to set up an online store.

I want users visiting my store's URL to be able to purchase the same items that I have cross-listed on large platforms, such as eBay and

The items are antique-like in the sense that they are unique. There is only one unit of inventory per listing and once it's sold, the listing is gone.

I anticipate low sales volume, so I will manage all inventory and I will be shipping directly to the customer. Customers will be 75% from North America and 25% from the rest of the world.

According to my research, WooCommerce would be the most cost-effective way to implement this idea. However, I am struggling finding the right plugin to handle eBay/Amazon/Facebook integration of each listing.

I've looked at Dokan and WC Marketplace, but they seem to be geared towards replicating a multi-vendor marketplace. In this case there would be only one vendor, myself, selling the same items on multiple platforms plus my own site.

Does this make sense? What WooCommerce plugin should I look for? Any other feedback about my idea is greatly appreciated.

TLDR: what's the most cost-effective WooCommerce plugin to sell across eBay/Amazon/own store?

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