How do you deal with “Karens”?

I do some of the customer support in one of my newer stores and I've dealt with my fair share of Karens. Most of the time I just issue them a full refund (which defuses them) but I've been dealing with a Karen these past few days who just won't take the refund and keeps asking for a manager/supervisor.

The reason they contacted us in the first place was because their package wasn't delivered (the UPS provided an incorrect expected delivery date), but no matter how many times I explain to them WHY the package isn't there yet, they just keep saying it should have been there by now. When I mentioned that the UPS may be experiencing delays due to COVID-19, they said we can't use that as an excuse anymore (u WOT?!). Then they went on to say we have horrible customer service (because we've been answering every question/concern???), and now they're saying they're going to blast all of our social media accounts with bad reviews and file a complaint to the BBB. Side note, they left a comment on one of our FB posts so I was able to see their profile, and like clockwork, their entire feed is filled with anti-BLM and anti-mask posts.

Anyway, long story short, I refunded them and told them to fuck off (politely, of course). But… my question is: How do YOU guys typically deal with Karens?

Like I said, I usually just issue a refund so I can get them off our back (and so that they don't leave us negative feedback when the Facebook page feedback score surveys go out), but I'm starting to think it might just be better to tell these Karens to fuck off so that I don't reinforce this type of shitty behavior. Because if they think they can bully customer support reps into getting their way, then they'll just keep doing that to the next customer support rep they deal with.

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