Managing inventory and POs when using outsourced fulfillment for Shopify store?

Hey everyone,

We have a Shopify store, and are currently doing about 240 orders/mo, but are about to start scaling. I am looking for an outsourced fulfillment service but am hitting a number of roadblocks. I'd really appreciate some advice on these areas. So far I have been in communication with the following services: ShipHero, ShipBob, Deliverr, ShipMonk.

One of the biggest concerns is how we can effectively manage our inventory if we use one of these services. Currently, I use Stocky to manage our inventory. This app (which is owned by Shopify), is really handy because it does demand forecasting to alert us when we need to reorder. Additionally, I am able to create POs and send them to vendors directly through the app. When we receive product, I can mark the PO as received in Stocky, which updates the stock count. If I were using one of these fulfillment services, their app becomes the one that manages the inventory. However, most of them don't have much functionality in terms of doing demand forecasting, or even setting reorder triggers. They also don't really have an ability to create POs and send them to vendors.

So basically my question is, for those of you that use an outsourced fulfillment service like this, how do you manage your inventory levels to prevent stock-outs, and what do you use to create POs for vendors? Hoping these questions make sense. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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