Seesaw results on FB ads?

I'm running two ad campaigns with 2 different adsets, but with the same ad creative (and for why I'm running two campaigns instead of one, I've started using CBO with multiple adsets, but these 2 campaigns were already performing well so I left them).

What I'm noticing is each campaign either has a great day, or a terrible day, and they alternate back and forth. On one of them I get a cost per purchase of maybe 1.5-2 dollars, and the other one ends up being 4-5. When the day starts its pretty apparent which one is going to do great, as it starts off with ~1 dollar cost per purchase, and the other doesn't make a sale until 8-10 dollars spent.

It's been like this for maybe 5 days, so it could just be a coincidence. Anyone else notice anything similar? Wondering if it's worth shutting off the worse performing ad after 10am – or if I should play this out and see if it's really a trend or just a coincidence?

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