What do you do about very suspicious orders?

I created a website that allows users to create a stylized map using GPS data from services like Strava. One of our offerings is to overlay the path on a watercolor background and we email the high resolution file to the customer. Recently, a customer paid for a map and when I went to create the high resolution image, I noticed they didn't put any paths or text. It was just a watercolor image with an empty overlay. I opened the raw data file and it matches what a file might look like if you just clicked through the editor. I emailed the customer using the address submitted with the order and the email bounced. I also attempted to send a text to the customer using the provided phone number and haven't received a response. I plan to try calling them if they don't respond by this afternoon. The card used appears to be from Saudi Arabia, but the user accessed the website from Washington DC. If this is fraud, I don't see why they would use our website since the watercolor image by itself isn't that valuable. What do you do in situations like this? Refund the purchase? Report the incident to the payment provider? I just launched the website last week so I've never encountered something so bizarre. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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