Any way to recoup shipping costs on lost packages?

Because of COVID-19, we have had 3 international USPS Priority Mail packages seeming lost (no updates after 1.5-2 months) in the last couple weeks. We are a pretty small company so I’d guess we’re talking one out of 3 international shipments being lost (maybe more).

We filed claims because they were insured (we ship with Endicia) but found out that, although we had been insuring for the order total (including shipping), the insurance only covers the cost of the lost item.

Many of our orders are small with the cost of the shipping in many cases reaching or going beyond 50% of the cost of the order. We’re a small company working with pretty thin margins, so that means that we lose on these lost packages.

Is there a service that covers the shipping cost of a shipment is lost or a way to make a claim for the postage cost?

At the moment we’ve decided to suspend all international shipments until things get better.

Anyone else dealing with this issue?

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