Automatic roi calculation and huge change on sales


I have recently launched a few online stores but I’m struggling with 2 things: 1) How can I automatically calculate the roi of a product or pack? In example: I create an ad for the product A and this ad is converting a lot at a cheaper price than all the other ads. But the margin of product A is so small that the conversion cost is higher than the margin. I would stop the ad but… that ad is also selling B and C. So, even if I am losing money on product A, I am probably earning in cross-selling. But to be very fast optimizing campaigns, I should have a software to make all this calculation for me. Do you have any software suggestion for this issue? Note: I use shopify, Facebook, Instagram and google ads.

2) Is it normal that the conversion costs can be 4 or 5 times higher today then yesterday and 10 times lower tomorrow without any change in my ads or target…? Why do this happen? Any suggestion about dealing with this?

If you have any software suggestion or any other tip for someone trying to have as many sales as possible at the lower cost possible, I would really appreciate it!


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