Big e-commerce wordpress woocommerce site, everday products – how to increase revenue?

Hello everyone, we are big e-commerce online store selling products which can help you in everday life (gadgets, shapewear, products for garden, home, kids, beauty products, etc.) We are making millions per year in revenue. We did this in 2 years, we are selling in 13 different european countries. Our websites are all wordpress woocommerce based, we have strong facebook&google marketing+all upsells/crosssells,wheel of fortune, sms, cart abandonment. We are only focusing on our topsellers. We have zero instagram marketing&facebook organic reach.

I would like to ask you if there are any other tools which can help us make a lot more money through advertising? I'm not ok with posting link to our site. Any answers are appreciated, thank you very much in advance.

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