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My mom runs an export business from the Philippines and has done exporting to US/UK/Japan. I did not really think of putting their product here in Canada until this year. To start off, I am still learning and still don't know a LOT of things doing/starting a business here. Basically, I have a supplier already (my mother) and was wondering if anyone can advise me on the following:

  1. We are still figuring out how to bring items here in Ontario. We are starting to bring 10-15 items here first and store it in a mini-warehouse so it won't be a lot. My question is, what do I need to know about customs and such and pickup? My mother usually has a buying agent already so she is not quite particular about customs/particularities in countries. We will know a lot more in the coming weeks as now we are just focusing on the logistics of the product.
  2. The business name I want is already taken but inactive (government of canada nuans website). It says in the nuans website that I need to contact the owner of that business for consent but can't find any details online. Can the government of Canada provide the contact info of that business?
  3. This might be stupid but is there any difference between registering your business provincially versus federal? I'm under the assumption I can only offer my products within the province if I register provincially or is it not the case with online shops? This is my problem with #3 where the same business name (inactive business) is registered. Perhaps it's okay if it's registered in a different province?

Thank you very much!

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