Crucial steps to open a successful dropshipping store

1- Pick the right niche

Be as targeted as you can when picking your niche because this step will define all your journey in the dropshipping experience. Pick the right audience for your specific niche! You can expand it over time but you have to be as specific as you can at first.

2- Choose the right product

It’s always a good idea to start small, for example focusing on baseball goods like balls, bats, and mitts before you scale up to sell other sports accessories.

3- Research your competitors

You can search for them on the internet, but where do you go from there? For one, you may want to jump on the phone and have a more intimate conversation to find out how the business runs. Try to contact them as if you’re a customer not a rising competitor in order to get as many information as possible. You can ask them questions like how many other partners they have, their pricing, and how forward-thinking they are technologically.

4- Always stand out!

After researching your competitors, you have to ask yourself one important question. Why would my customers pick me and not my competitor? Be different and add your own sense of creativity on your business so you can stand OUT in the market!

5- Extra tips for your website

You have to make sure that the desktop version and the mobile version of your store are easy to navigate and neat! If your business is B2C, focus slightly more on the mobile version since most customers will find your store via their phone.

6- Market Market Market

Marketing is going to be your only tool to reach out to your audience. You won’t be the only website selling your products, so you need to work twice as hard as you can. Your marketing plan should include a strong mix of SEO, email, social media, advertising, and content (like blogs, ebooks, and videos).

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