Pre-launch question about email capture and validation?

I'm planning on opening an e-commerce site soon. I've had only failures in the past, mainly due to 'perfecting' the site instead of figuring out how to get customers.

I am going to build my site (with a product I make myself) and want to validate my product via Facebook ads. I want to bring them to my site and see how many add items to their cart and attempt to checkout. When they do that, I want to have a popup telling them that we haven't launched yet, but I'll give them a 40% off coupon when we launch.

I was wondering, would it be better to just have a 'coming soon' landing page to try to get their email when they first get to the site, or would it be better to see if if they make it to the 'end' of the sales process before initiating it?

Any other big red flags you see, or would you do it differently?

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