What ecommerce software provides best class/event ticket tracking?

I currently help run a website for a training company that sells seats to their course presentations through their website. We are running a WordPress website with the Woocommerce plugin for payment handling. A purchase of a "product" through the website will trigger their business manager to update a course roster with student name, email, ID number, etc.

When someone cancels their registration or wants to move to another course, the current process is emailing the business manager directly and they pull/move the student from the class roster.

The problem with this is that data becomes mismatched when the website's order tracking shows a purchase was made for a given course, but the "official" roster (Excel Spreadsheet) has different information.

As you can imagine this opens up the potential for human error where refunds are missed or student's get moved in and out of courses and now an original order for class A is actually a registration for a student in class B.

So my question: is there a better software option out there that will provide up-to-date reports (rosters) as well as provide an automated order updating/refunding process? That way there is no more tracking of new orders and updates to orders on a spreadsheet.

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