Anyone try Chris Malta’s e-biz course??

Chris is the creator of "World Wide Brands", the online directory where you can find American wholesale suppliers. Chris has a course or system he claims is the only real way to start an online business and also says that 99% of the info out there about dropshipping is bs. This course is called "E- Biz. Chris also states he has made millions of dollars online and he wants to show the general public the truth about e-commerce. Of course this interested me and I decided to shoot him an email asking him how much all this would cost,and he later replied that I can call him for more info at his toll free number and he would explain everything over the phone, because it's alot of information. I am wondering why he didn't just tell me the price of this course in the email he sent me back. My question is,has anyone tried his course or system?? Is it legit??? I am thinking of calling him to ask for more info,but wanted to see what others who have used or heard about this think,before I decided to call him.

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