Strange issue with Endicia’s Dazzle Professional software

Out of the blue one day, Dazzle Professional (of which we use on our computers at my work's warehouse to ship out packages via the USPS) started giving me the most annoying issue that is preventing ANYTHING that is going out via any USPS service.

The issue that it's showing me is the following:"SDC SWS::CreateLabel failed with an error:Invalid data. SWS IM exception code 0x00450101; module 69, category 1, item 1. ReturnTo address (if provided) needs a valid ZipCode. [error code: 8004803C].

Not only that, but after that error message appears, I notice that there is a trailing comma that's being inserted after the end of the zip code… (???)

There is literally next to nothing on Endicia's support page about this (and as I speak, I'm waiting on hold with them) and it's pretty much driving me nuts that I've not been able to resolve this issue which is a real thorn in my side right now and is affecting our warehouse's production because of the fact that they have to have someone out there helping out someone with changing an order to go out via FedEx instead of USPS when it does happen to be that an order is going out that way.

I've even tried the usual step of doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of the software, but to my dismay, not even that worked. (you think it would, right?)

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