Best eCommerce Platform for Automotive Parts

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of creating my own automotive business regarding the sales of aftermarket car parts specifically for a few brands mainly being Japanese vehicles. I have been doing some research into some platforms but have failed to find a solid choice that can support my needs and scale with my business. I have seen WooCommerce as a eye catcher but do not know if it supports what I need specifically being wordpress powered. I mainly need to list my own products and others. People must be able to search for them within categories like brand and such, or even narrow down their search based on what year model make car they drive. I need it to support multi package shipping and dropshipping. Can anyone provide any opinions on the matter. I have worked with a automotive company who used nopCommerce but they were rather finicky and id prefer to stick with something else if possible.

I would love for it to be along the lines of this top name brand name

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