Do the shipping rates from PirateShip compare to what larger retailers pay?

I received a package from Target today for a 12" frying pan. It was about $25 + $6 to ship as I didn't meet the free shipping minimum. The crazy thing was that the pan shipped in a 31x18x7" box. I looked on PirateShip to get a quote for a box that big, and they quoted about $25 for 3-8 day shipping.

I don't imagine that Target is paying that much, but could it be as much as $15? They'd still probably be losing money even with that price. I know Amazon has their crazy deals with the postal service with some flat rate shipping costs, and they still lose money.

Does anyone have experience working with big brand like Target or Autozone in the shipping industry that could offer some info? I'm incredibly curious.

Thank you.

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