Fraudulent Payment – Stripe Reversal

Hi eCommerce people,

I had my first Stripe dispute a few weeks ago and it came back today that the purchaser's bank upheld the claim. I'm just curious what next steps I should take to avoid this in the future and what the signs are. I've been running the website for around 18 months. The Stripe integration requires the billing postcode etc. too and I'm happy this is the first and only one so far given I've had thousands of sales.

We often have dropshippers, people ordering parts to companies, work addresses, their neighbours etc. so just going off billing address = shipping address wouldn't really work.

Also, is there a way I can get in touch with the bank about the case? Stripe don't give any details other than telling you the outcome was not favourable to you. I'm not after a reversal or anything, just their guidelines and advice really.

The loss was £120 + dispute fee of £16.


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