Helping a young entrepreneur?


Recently, I started a journey on YouTube,

I started just for fun and then I fall in love with making videos and learning all kinds of stuff about editing. I'm just a 22 yo kid with a side hustle and I know that I can turn this passion and this channel into a long term brand.

I got 17 subs and 3.2k watch time ( minutes), these are small numbers but I'm happy because at the beginning I thought nobody will watch my videos.

One of my videos did pretty well and got 1k views ( 800 900 for the past week or so)

I just want to post the video here, if you would like to help me with a like or a view or just a piece of advice it will be awesome…if not there's no problem in here, I appreciate you by reading this.

Link to the video:

Link to the channel:

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