Oracle Intelligent Advisor Helps Brands’ Agility to Handle Any Situation

In the past, organizations would carefully develop strategies for any given new product or service offering. But in these new times today, where situations are rapidly changing and evolving, this may not be so possible. You might be losing out to your competitors if they’re taking a more agile approach.

Why agility is an important business characteristic

Organizations have been changing from where department functions were traditionally rigid and defined, management was hierarchical, and teams operated in silos with little collaboration among them.

A recent McKinsey report compared organizations to living organisms. As an organism, the company’s “backbone” develops slowly over time, giving it stability while at the same time, the backbone supports dynamic movement and is adaptable to external forces. This combination of stability and agility enables businesses to create, test, and execute strategy — with minimal risk.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor Solution Overview

Key aspects of agile companies

Enterprises that adopt agile practices can become faster, more productive, and more responsive to customer needs.

Faster time to market. In times like these, it’s important your organization can adapt to dynamic business change – such as contact-less delivery, social distancing, and virtual communications.

Ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It’s vital that customer experiences are personalized. An organization that adopts an agile approach needs technology that enables them to make changes quickly to all their channels (e.g. self-service, agent, chat or digital assistant) while maintaining personalization. If you are looking to immediately meet customer’s needs, Oracle Intelligent Advisor, part of Oracle CX Service, can help enable organizations to;

  • Quickly adapt to changes. Intelligent Advisor empowers business users to configure powerful advice experiences, without any programming background. Enabling you to quickly and easily automate decisions and complex calculations within service workflows as situations change.
  • Be more responsive to customer needs. Intelligent Advisor interviews automatically understand which policies apply to a customer based on their particular circumstances, so every customer gets right advice tailored to their unique situation.
  • Offer each customer a personalized experience regardless of the channel they use. Intelligent Advisor empowers you are to provide consistent personalized advice and decisions, across all channels, in any language.

Intelligent Advisor ensures you can grow customer loyalty no matter what situation you organization faces!

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