Partnership with Google for their Digital Solutions? Is it pushy enterprise sales tactic or something worthy?

Hey all,

I got an email yesterday from Google growth specialist (his LinkedIn checks out) with the following text (below). Trying to figure out what this is and if it's something you came across? For context – I have an ecommerce startup with traffic about 45-50k/month and revenues in the lower four figures – we launched in October.

"I’m part of an initiative at Google focused on finding companies we think have high potential for growth and partnering with them to design and execute a digital marketing strategy using Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube, etc).

We’re currently choosing 4-5 Dutch companies to bring into this partnership initiative and I wanted to see if X [name of my company] might be a good fit.

Could you please forward this email to the one responsible for new partnerships or digital marketing?"

I asked for more details and here was the answer:

"To give you some context, my team offers a limited number of high potential companies from the Netherlands a direct relationship with Google where we provide the same access to data and resources normally reserved for only the largest companies. In this exclusive partnership initiative, we can during 3-6 months support you in developing and optimizing a digital marketing strategy using our different Google Ads solutions."

Any ideas what this is?

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