Branding Problem For Our New Product

Hey guys!

My wife and I came up with an idea of a product for cats. After doing research, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the product wasn't widely sold.

We looked into branding strategy but are concerned to be heading the wrong way:

  • Looking at multiple other pet supply e-commerce stores, we found that they had one generic brand name reselling other brand products. Example: is reselling Pidan, Touchdog, PETKIT, and others products.
  • The name of our brand is very specific to our product idea. We are worried that if we create a website and social media accounts around this specific name we won't be able to scale passed this product. (i.e. people will only think of us for our 1 product and won't get on our site to buy anything else or worst if our main product doesn't work that all our time and effort building this branded product will go to waste).

What do you guys think?

Would it be better to come up with a more generic brand name and sell x amount of pet related products including our product idea in the middle? Or, should we really focus our effort on our original product idea?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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