Easy trick that really helped my small online clothing shop!

When I first started my shop, I was really nervous about not seeming legit; I wanted to look professional and developed, vs the actual reality which was that it was only one person (me) running a tiny shop from their basement.

Because I believed that seeming legit and well developed would be more attractive, I spent time and money on professional photo shoots, I tailored the way I communicated with customers to be quite professional and business only etc.

Well because of COVID, I decided I’d just start taking pics myself, wearing the clothes in my room. All my pics are essentially selfie shots where I’m photographing the clothes on myself, by me. By virtue of all the pics being on the same body, in the same room, it’s pretty obvious I’m running a one man show. This has changed my conversations… a lot. I’ve established much more personal/friendly rapport, girls feel comfortable reaching out to ask little questions about sizing or fabrics etc. because they know they’re always talking to the same person.

I think that by changing my “image,” I’ve established much more authenticity and trust. Sometimes customers don’t want beautiful photo shoots, they just want to make sure they’re receiving exactly what they see, from someone they trust!

This route has taken a weight of pressure off my back and has garnered much better sales for me personally.

Hope all this made sense – something to consider if you’re not drop shipping:)

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