Has anybody noticed that product manufacturers are growing less willing to work with online retailers?

I carefully curate what products I sell in my store. I've stopped working with distributors because I'm so small that they treat me like crap (even though I happily paid cash in advance). So I look for, research and reach out to specific manufacturers of things that fit my market niche and business vision. About a year ago I was seeing dealer rules about not selling through Amazon or eBay. I was fine with that because I don't sell through those channels, only my website and some in person events.

The problem is lately I'm seeing more of this "Not currently accepting applications from Online Dealers" on the wholesale info page of supplier websites. I've reached out to them anyway and gotten silence.

There are a couple of major trade shows that everybody says I should go to, to find products. I went to one last year and was kind of turned off by a distinct "us versus them" tone that was everywhere. Us was brick and mortar retailers and the (hold your nose) them was online shops. In looking at the websites and Facebook pages for these trade shows today, in the middle of the pandemic with brick and mortar retailers failing a dozen a day because they can't afford their overhead any longer, I still see that tone.

Anybody here notice this in your market niches? It's making it hard for me to keep the kinds of high quality products that I want in my shop. I've so far been unaffected by the pandemic (i run my shop out of my home), my sales are continuing to climb. So yes, I'm small, but growing.

Another question might be if anybody here knows how to present myself to potential suppliers as someone who is small for sure, but has HUGE potential, so is worth establishing a business relationship with?

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